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How to create additional RDP user?

rSteps to create additional RDP user:

Sometimes you need to create additional RDP account. It can be for several reasons. You can create additional RDP users on our Admin RDP  plans. This way multiple people can work on the same RDP server simultaneously. You can also create users with or without Administrator access. The following video tutorial is available in multiple languages.

Below are the steps you can follow to create additional RDP user.

Video Guide:

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1:  Go to “START MENU and search for “Computer Management“.

Change pass step-1

Step 2:  Go to “Local Users and Groups“.

Step 3:  Go to “Users“.

Step 4:  Right Click” and select   “New User“.

New rdp user

Step 5:  Fill  User name, full name, description, and password.

enter rdp user details

Step 6:  Uncheck “User must change Password on next login ” and click on “Create“.

select rdp pass never expire

Step 7:  Right-click the user and select “Properties “.

checng rdp user property

Step 8:  Go to “Member Off” and click on “Add“.

add user to rdp group

Step 9: Click on “Advanced“.

rdp user advance setting

Step 10: Click on “Find“.

find rdp group

Step 11: Scroll down and select  “Remote Desktop Users” and click on “OK.”

add remote desktop user group

Step 13: Click on “OK“, and again Ok and user successfully added to the remote desktop group and fully working. Learn how to connect to rdp?

user added to group


Note: If you want the user to have Admin rights then you need to add the user to “Administrators Group.”

Updated on June 1, 2019

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